Know What’s Below

Some underground utilities on your property will NOT be marked by Kentucky 811 members because they are not owned by Kentucky 811 members. These can include underground lines like an electric line or water line to your pool, lines to septic tanks and septic tanks, electric lines to sheds or landscape lighting, lawn sprinkler systems and more.

Here’s one general rule: if the utility runs from the street to the meter, it will be marked. If the utility is installed from the meter to another location on your property, it will not be marked.

Private Locates

Any underground pipes connecting a swimming pump/filter to a pool would require a private locate, as those pipes are installed beyond the meter on the property.
The sprinklers are after the water meter, making them a private locate.
The homeowner’s lighting is after the electric meter, making it a private locate.

Public Locates

A communications utility member will mark all lines from the street to the cable box.
The street lights are typically owned by a municipality or homeowners association, making them public utilities.
The public gas line extends from the main gas line to the meter. a dedicated line to an outdoor grill or fire pit, while not shown above, are examples of privately owned gas utilities.
Electric lines coming in from the road to the power meter are public utilities.
Water lines coming in from the road to the water meter are public utilities.

The information provided above is offered only as a convenience to property owners. Kentucky 811 does not endorse the organizations listed above, nor does it endorse any views they express or products/services they offer. Kentucky 811 is not responsible, and specifically disclaims any responsibility, for the products or services performed by the organizations listed above. Kentucky 811 makes no warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness of a particular purpose relating to any products or services provided by the organizations listed above. Kentucky 811 assumes no legal liability for the actions or inactions of the listed organizations, nor for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the list of providers.  Before engaging any organization listed above, a property owner needing to engage a locating company is expressly advised to exercise due diligence, reasonable investigation, and caution.  

Any company which provides utility locating services in Kentucky can be included on this webpage by contacting Kentucky 811 at 502-266-5677.

Private Locators

If you think you might have a private utility on your property, you should contact a private utility locator company to locate any additional privately-owned utilities before you dig. To mark private utilities on your property, you can contact one of the private locator companies listed below. These companies may charge a fee to locate private utilities on your property.